Which Words From the Bible Speak to Your Soul?

Zoe Samuel

How disciplined are you?

Are you filled with love?

Do you feel despair?

How do you feel about your fellow man right now?

Are you a hard worker?

Do you need recognition for your work?

How are you doing, wealth-wise?

Do you want to be a good listener?

Do you wish other people were on better terms with God?

Have you been wronged?

How obscure do you like your Bible verses?

Which is the best Gospel maker?

Which Biblical figure had the right attitude?

Which Testament do you prefer?

Which book of the Bible is best?

Which book is the one you could do without?

Do you want something to quote aloud, or just for yourself?

What is making you sad these days?

What makes you hopeful?

Do you have a good relationship with God?

What is your job?

Are you introverted?

Are you all about communicating?

What does the world need more of right now?

What does the world need less of?

Do you procrastinate a lot?

How goofy are you?

Do you speak without thinking?

How far through the Bible are you willing to read?

Are you in the mood for forgiveness?

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About This Quiz

People read their Bibles for many reasons. For some, there's no other place to look for the inspiration to get through hard times. For others, the Bible is filled with intriguing history and fascinating stories. During this quiz, we're going to find out which of the Bible's epic passages speaks most to your soul.

To find the Bible words your soul wants to hear, we need to get to know more about you and the way you approach your life. We will not only examine your faith and your religion, but we will also take a look at your views on relationships and the way you feel about your fellow man. After we feel like we know your lifestyle inside and out, we'll make sure to set you up with the Bible words that will make your soul swell a few sizes. It may be just the motivation you need to reach for the next goal, or to get through the end of the work day. 

Put your troubles aside and just think focus on your innermost thoughts and the things you hope for the future. When you've completed the quiz, we'll lift you up with some of the Bible's most meaningful words!

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