Quiz: Which World-Changing Woman Are You?
Which World-Changing Woman Are You?
By: Tori Highley
Image: Shutterstock

About This Quiz

Women have been powerhouses of change in the world since the dawn of time. Powerful women have changed minds, ruled countries, and spoken out against horrible conditions, despite frequently having to work around the patriarchal structures that have dominated cultures around the world. There have been many world-changing women in the history of the world, and they have all worked extremely hard to make history. Every woman who has changed history has been utterly unique from their peers, just as you are unique from yours.

While everyone has an impact on their community, few people have truly changed history. However, with widespread Internet access, more people are heard around the globe than ever before, which means that you have a real chance at changing the world! Who will you model your life after to do so? Let us help you find the right world-changing woman to inspire your significant changes!

Whether you start your path early in life or inspiration comes later, your journey to changing the world can begin with this quiz. Let us match you with a real motivator and set the precedence for your incredible achievements. Take our quiz to see which world-changing woman you are closest to!

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