Quiz: Who Am I? WWE Wrestlers Edition
Who Am I? WWE Wrestlers Edition
By: Annette
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About This Quiz

Do you know a suplex from a figure four leg lock? Can you tell the Road Warriors from the Sheepherders? If those questions are as easy as a leap off the top rope for you, then you need to take this quiz!

In the '80s and '90s, the World Wrestling Federation (now the WWE) ruled the roost when it came to filmed sessions of brawny men (and sometimes women) beating on each other with fists, elbows, knees, heads, chairs, hapless referees, and (occasionally) musical instruments and blocks of wood.

To be a superstar wrestler you first had to have a persona. Nobody cared about your love for puppies, your stamp collection, your prize-winning burger recipe, or your talent on the tenor saxophone. They wanted to see you dressed as an evil clown smashing brick-laden pies into your opponents' faces.

After you had a persona, you had to come up with a signature move. It's all well and good if you bounce your opponent off the rope and then jump in the air and knock him silly with your buttocks, but if you call that the "Evil Clown Butt Pie," you'll sell out arenas across the country!

So how well do you know WWE wrestlers? Click start, put on your spangly tights and find out!

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I am "The Man," and many regard me as the greatest wrestler of all time.
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I am the "Stone Cold" beer drinker and bad mouther.
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I am an icon, cult legend and reality star.
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I am "The Showstopper" and a born-again Christian.
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I am the seven-foot-tall grim reaper.
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I have two words for you: Macho. Man.
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I am the “Excellence of Execution” and I wear pink.
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I painted my face for WCW glory.
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I am the All-American boy and longest reigning WWE Champion.
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I am "Nature Boy," and the very first WWE champion.
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I am "The Game," who married Stephanie McMahon.
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The crowd said "You Suck" to me, but I'm an Olympic wrestler!
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I am the Peoples' Champion and a movie star.
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I am a former eight-time NWA World Heavyweight Champion.
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They call me the "Rated R Superstar" that retired early.
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I am the "The American Dream" that was made to wear polka dots.
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I am Y2J; both a face and a heel.
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Steve Austin used my signature move.
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I am the 16-time WWE Champion and... a heartthrob.
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I am described as both bland and ballistic.
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I am "The Dragon" of AWA, NWA, and WCW.
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I am the masked, and smallest, World Champion.
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I am a late Latino legend.
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They call me Mankind, Cactus Jack and Dude Love.
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The world was held in my tattooed hands.
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I am a groundbreaker and lovable "Princess Bride" character.
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I am a "Rowdy," brilliant heel.
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I am a 13-time World Champion from Texas.
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I founded New Japan Pro-Wrestling.
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I had a few years defined by the near-misses in the mid-card.
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I ain't the youngest, but still the "Thunder".
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I am "The Lariat" cowboy.
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I am the three-time Wrestler of the Year that was gone too soon.
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I am the "Million Dollar Man" and a total heel.
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They said this about me: "He was a big hairy dude who punched and kicked his way across the country"?
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