Which Zodiac Sign Are You NOT Sexually Compatible With?

Ian Fortey

How much faith do you have in the accuracy of horoscopes anyway?

Do you check your horoscope on a daily basis to see what the universe has in store for you?

Is your horoscope a first thing in the morning priority or just whenever you stumble across it?

Do you believe there are people in the world who have psychic powers?

Do you find astrology or tarot cards to be more insightful overall?

What's the one thing you find most important in a sexual partner?

Are you comfortable talking about sex with your partner in just a casual, everyday setting?

You and your partner have to attend a wedding, but just as you're about to leave, your partner suggests a quickie that'll make you late. Are you going for it?

Is it ever the right time to French kiss a partner in public?

Have you ever had such a passionate evening that you injured yourself in bed by accident?

Do you have a rich fantasy life that you're willing to share with your partner?

Do you fall prey to lust at first sight or love at first sight more often?

Can you identify your zodiac constellation in the night sky?

There's a popular story that some people would rather have chocolate than sex. What about you?

Do you want a partner who suggests new things in the bedroom all the time?

Would you rather have a fully monogamous relationship or an open relationship?

How often would you be having sex if it was totally up to you?

Do you ever make use of toys in the bedroom?

Are you willing to tell a partner if they're not doing what you need them to do in bed?

Your partner suggests skinny dipping. Are you in?

Have you ever cheated on a partner in the past?

Have you ever found out that a partner cheated on you?

Would you consider using a dating app to meet a stranger for a hookup?

Has your relationship ever gotten to the point where you felt like you needed help spicing it up?

Do you have to have feelings for someone to have sex with them?

Do you want a long-term relationship right now or are you more interested in flings?

How much importance do you place on foreplay?

Has a partner ever told you they were unhappy with your sex life?

Do you like someone who gets a little noisy in the heat of the moment?

How much effort are you willing to put into making a relationship works?

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About This Quiz

People have been using the stars to guide them for centuries. We can literally follow constellations to navigate the seas, and our ancestors were also pretty confident that the alignment of the stars could shed light on the unknown aspects of their lives and futures as well. Fortune, whether or good or bad, could be sussed out by the position of the stars in the sky. So, too, could life's greater mysteries, like happiness and love. 

If you believe it's true that the astrological alignment of the stars has an influence over various factors in your life, then there's little doubt some people just aren't meant to be together, right? Some signs of the zodiac ae just put together in a way that doesn't mesh with others. That doesn't mean you'll hate each other, or that you can't even have a relationship with those people. But it does mean that perhaps, in the grand scheme of things, you don't click as well as you should or could. Like water meeting oil, some signs are not super compatible with others, and if we're talking about a sexual relationship, wouldn't it be best to make sure it was working as well as it could? Of course, it would! So let's find out what sign you're not going to click with by taking the quiz!

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