Quiz: Who Am I? Bible Edition
Who Am I? Bible Edition
By: Zoe Samuel
Image: 2buellerbelles

About This Quiz

They don't just call it the Good Book because you can lead a very moral life by living by the finer moral ideas in it: it's also because it's a cracking good read! The Bible is full of heroes and villains, soldiers and thinkers, seducers and tempters. It features great kings, wise judges, nefarious apostates and more, all striving to either please God or thwart His plans for his chosen people. Some of the characters are so colorful that they have become household names, while others are more mundane. Some are actually pretty exciting, but for some reason, never achieved the level of cultural recognition given to others.

Whether you are religious or not - and irrespective of your particular religion if you are - you can't really escape the Bible. Much of literature, art, and other forms of culture draw from it. That means most of us have at least a passing acquaintance with the Bible's main characters, whether we read the original or simply saw a movie, heard about it in church, or learned it in a comparative religion class. However, putting a name to a fact isn't always as simple as thinking back to the bedtime stories your parents read. So click through, and find out how much you know about the characters in the greatest story ever told!

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