Quiz: Who Am I: British Royalty Edition
Who Am I: British Royalty Edition
By: John Miller
Image: Peter Lely

About This Quiz

Sure, we all know about Princess Diana and her tragic end. But long before “Di” and her dramatic tabloid life, there were a whole lot of other crazy ups and downs in the British monarchy. Do you think you really know your British royalty? Take our monarchy “Who Am I” quiz and find out!

The English monarchy was full of political backstabbing and bloody events. Take the reign of Henry VIII, for example. He was an egotistical maniac who couldn’t be trusted to take care of his own family… particularly his wives. Incidentally, how many of Henry VIII's wives can you name?

Not all royalty came from England. Some men drove their armies into the country, captured it, and took the British crown for themselves. Do you think you know those conquerors?

Some rulers, like Elizabeth I, were actually pretty benevolent. Others were known more for their warring ways and extravagant spending, which put Britain on the brink of bankruptcy.

Let’s see if you really know your British royalty. In this edition of “Who am I,” we’ll trace the history of the monarch and see which kings and queens made London proud, and which ones didn’t. Take our monarchy quiz now!

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