Quiz: Who Am I? Lord of the Rings Edition
Who Am I? Lord of the Rings Edition
By: John Miller
Image: New Line Cinema

About This Quiz

Listen here, my precious, for time is of the essence. There is evil from Mordor spreading throughout Middle-Earth. It rides in the minds of black riders and seeps into the hearts of even innocent Hobbits. We must find the One Ring and destroy it …before it’s too late. Or will our cast of heroes fail in their most vital quest?

In “The Lord of the Rings” films, audiences encounter some of the most memorable characters ever to appear on the silver screen. From bumbling Hobbits to warmongering wizards, to talking trees and overbearing orcs, these movies are epic in their sprawl but intricate in their character development.

Do you remember the name of the first Hobbit to lay eyes on the One Ring? And do you remember which family member wound up with the cursed object? Do you recall which pitiful creature would do anything – anything at all – to get hold of “his precious”? And how did his miserable life end?

Not all “Rings” characters are such sad sacks. From Aragorn to Elrond, these movies are packed with men, women, elves and dwarves driven to save Middle-Earth from a terrible disaster. Do you remember who starts the Fellowship in the very beginning? Does that character live … or die?

Together, we’ll gather our wits and will and plunge into the dangers of this “Lord of the Rings” characters quiz. Only the strongest will survive!

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