Quiz: Who Am I: Military Leaders Edition
Who Am I: Military Leaders Edition
By: John Miller
Image: wikimedia

About This Quiz

Give a bunch of infantry troops some guns, send them to a battlefield with no leader, and they’ll undoubtedly fail in their missions. With a brilliant commander, though, those same men can overrun their enemies and accomplish every objective. Do you think you can beat this military leaders edition of “Who Am I”? Shine up your boots, put on all your medals and click the button!

Sure, we all know that George Washington made a name for himself fighting the Country That Shall Not Be Named. Do you really think you can match the man to his accomplishments? Not everything went as planned for the “Father” of America.

From ancient times to the 20th century, we’ll highlight some of the best — and most ruthless — military leaders ever. Some of them had the best of fortunes, others found their armies, and even their own personal lives, ruined by their battlefield shortcomings. Just as famous as the brilliant victories are the glorious defeats. If you're going to fail, fail big ... and hopefully future leaders will learn from your mistakes.

Pin five stars to your uniform and see if you’re a fake or a military mastermind. Take our “Who Am I: Military Leaders” quiz now!

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