Quiz: Who Am I? MLB Player Edition
Who Am I? MLB Player Edition
By: Jouviane Alexandre
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About This Quiz

"The Great Bambino, the Sultan of Swat, the Titan of Terror, the Colossus of Clout, the King of Crash." If you know who we're talking about, there's a great chance that you're a major MLB fan or you've watched The Sandlot repeatedly.

For the longest time, baseball has been considered "America's pastime." First founded in 1876 with just the National League, the sport blossomed into Major League Baseball, an organization that now includes both the National and American Leagues for a total of 30 major league baseball teams. Hundreds of men have gone through the league, but only a few have names that truly resonate with fans. From the most home runs to the highest batting average, these athletes are some of the best the sport has ever seen.

Names like Babe Ruth, Hank Aaron, Jackie Robinson, Pete Rose, and Alex Rodriguez are easily recognizable, but what if I told you one of them holds the record for the most games played? What if I told you another holds the record for the most grand slams? Can you identify who the Great Bambino is? If you're rattling off the answers to these questions, it seems our quiz has met its match! Will you be able to score a home run against this quiz? Step up to the plate!

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Throughout my career from 1914 to 1935, I played for the Yankees, Red Sox and Braves, and hit an impressive 714 home runs. Who am I?
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In my day, I played for the Braves and Brewers. I also set the record for the most career RBIs. Who am I?
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Nicknamed "Big Unit," I led the Arizona Diamondbacks to their 2001 championship as pitcher. Who am I?
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A pitcher for multiple teams, I led the New York Mets to their first championship in 1969. Who am I?
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Bouncing between outfielder and first baseman, I spent 22 years with the St. Louis Cardinals and hit 475 home runs. Who am I?
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A well-known shortstop, I hold the current record for most Grand Slams. Who am I?
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An outfielder for five different teams, I'm the only MLB player to have won MVP in both leagues (National and American). Who am I?
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Sometimes called "Mad Dog," I led the Atlanta Braves to the 1995 Championship. Who am I?
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A player in the early 1900s, I hold the record for the most doubles in history. Who am I?
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Nicknamed "Lefty," I led both the Cardinals and Phillies to championships. Who am I?
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A Yankee Hall of Famer, I hold the record for the highest game hitting streak. Who am I?
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A catcher for the Cincinnati Reds, I led the National league in home runs twice. Who am I?
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In my 21-year career, I played only for the Red Sox. You might know me as the Splendid Splinter. Who am I?
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As a second baseman for multiple teams, I won the World Series in '75 and '76 with the Cincinnati Reds. Who am I?
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Often called Double X, I was the second player to hit 500 homers after Babe Ruth. Who am I?
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As a player for the Pirates and Giants, I hold the record for the most career home runs with 762. Who am I?
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A pitcher for multiple teams, I've had the most wins and the most losses. Who am I?
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Often called "Big Six," I maintained professional baseball and football careers at the same time. Who am I?
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Often called the Iron Horse, I spent my 17-year career with the New York Yankees. Who am I?
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Playing with the Philadelphia Phillies for 17 years, I was the 1980 World Series MVP. Who am I?
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Born in the Dominican Republic in 1980, I have won two World Series with the St. Louis Cardinals. Who am I?
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Often called the Georgia Peach, I began my baseball career with the Detroit Tigers and would go on to set multiple records, like the highest career batting average. Who am I?
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Nicknamed the Flying Dutchman, I spent my 20-year career as a shortstop for the Colonels and Pirates. Who am I?
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A third baseman for the Royals, I am the only player to have won a batting title in three separate decades. Who am I?
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Nicknamed "The Rajah," I hold the second-highest batting average and won my only championship with the St. Louis Cardinals. Who am I?
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A 20-year Yankees veteran, I've won five World Series championships and lead the franchise in all-time hits. Who am I?
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A pitcher nicknamed Rocket, I am one of two who have struck out 20 batters in a single game. Who am I?
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A loyal Yankees member, I stayed with the team for 17 years and hold the record for the most home runs scored in a World Series. Who am I?
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Often called "The Iron Man," I hold the record for most consecutive games played. Who am I?
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A left fielder for teams like the Athletics and Yankees, I hold the record for most runs and steals. Who am I?
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While "Hoot" was my nickname as the Cardinals pitcher, I was also seen on the court with the Harlem Globetrotters. Who am I?
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As a pitcher for the Washington Senators, I was often called Barney. Who am I?
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Born in Puerto Rico, I was a two-time World Series champion and 15-time All-Star​ before my tragic death in a plane crash. Who am I?
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When I was on the field, I was playing for the Giants or the Mets. Over 22 years, I hit 660 home runs and was on the All-Star team for 20 years in a row. Who am I?
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Nicknamed "The Kid," I have the highest voting percentage into the Baseball Hall of Fame. Who am I?
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