Quiz: Who Am I: New Testament Edition
Who Am I: New Testament Edition
By: Zoe Samuel
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About This Quiz

The New Testament is a document that has been revised, annotated, and edited many times over the centuries. Originally a collection of disparate stories told by Christians all over the known world, the book was codified by the early Catholic Church, and certain books were elevated while others were culled from the tome. The books of the Bible contain many stories, each with a message or lesson. Heroes are like keys and stories are like locks, but Bible stories often have many characters who fit the mold of the hero, so the stories and their casts are as inextricably tied as Luke Skywalker and "Episode IV."

Are you particularly religious? Did you have to study the Bible as part of your schoolwork? Do you approach it as a historical document, or do you see it as an elaborate collection of fables? How familiar are you with its characters, their stories, their goals, and their origins? Do you know how details from the New Testament connect to stories from the Old Testament? How well do you really know the Bible?

To find out, take this quiz and see if you can identify these characters from the New Testament from a simple clue.

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Gabriel visited me with news of the birth of my son. Who am I?
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I was a female follower of Jesus, maligned in the middle ages as a prostitute. Who am I?
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I had twelve men who followed my lead. Who am I?
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I have a basilica in Rome. Who am I?
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I am Saint Peter's brother. Who am I?
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I was the first apostle to be martyred. Who am I?
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Jesus lifted a great burden from me, and punished my hometown in the process. Who am I?
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I was the youngest apostle. Who am I?
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I asked Jesus how to feed 5,000 people. Who am I?
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If you want something to gain or lose weight, I'm the person to turn to. Who am I?
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I was a tax collector for the Romans. Who am I?
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My identity is fairly fluid, though that didn't stop the Romans from having me killed. Who am I?
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I'm known for my skepticism. Who am I? No, really. Who am I?
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I am buried with St. Jude at The Vatican. Who am I?
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I am the patron saint of lost causes. Who am I?
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My wife had a baby that technically wasn't mine. Who am I?
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I replaced Judas Iscariot as one of Jesus's disciples. Who am I?
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I had my epiphany while on a road trip. Who am I?
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I am perhaps the most controversial figure in the Bible, other than God himself. Who am I?
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My two friends and I traveled far to visit Jesus when He was born. Who am I?
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I brought Jesus some frankincense for his birthday. Who am I?
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I am a king of Persia who visit the baby Jesus with a gift of gold. Who am I?
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My father helped carry Jesus's cross. Who am I?
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Some call me "The God of This Age." Who am I?
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I was sick and needed help from Jesus. He didn't arrive in time. Who am I?
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Though I am not named in the New Testament, I am notorious and tied to the chain of events leading to the execution of Jesus. Who am I?
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I was the prefect of Judaea. Who am I?
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While I am never named in the New Testament, I am one of its most notorious figures. Who am I?
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Jesus didn't even have to meet me to heal me. Who am I?
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Jesus performed an exorcism on my daughter. Who am I?
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I was one of 70 followers of Jesus, commissioned to preach on his behalf. I am considered a prophet. Who am I?
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I made fun of Jesus for not saving himself from the crucifixion. Who am I?
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The daughter of a powerful man wanted my head and got it. Who am I?
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I am one of Jesus's grandparents. Who am I?
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A woman in my house anointed Jesus's head with a costly preparation. Who am I?
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