Quiz: Who Am I: New Testament Edition
Who Am I: New Testament Edition
By: Zoe Samuel
Image: vaticancatholic.com

About This Quiz

The New Testament is a document that has been revised, annotated, and edited many times over the centuries. Originally a collection of disparate stories told by Christians all over the known world, the book was codified by the early Catholic Church, and certain books were elevated while others were culled from the tome. The books of the Bible contain many stories, each with a message or lesson. Heroes are like keys and stories are like locks, but Bible stories often have many characters who fit the mold of the hero, so the stories and their casts are as inextricably tied as Luke Skywalker and "Episode IV."

Are you particularly religious? Did you have to study the Bible as part of your schoolwork? Do you approach it as a historical document, or do you see it as an elaborate collection of fables? How familiar are you with its characters, their stories, their goals, and their origins? Do you know how details from the New Testament connect to stories from the Old Testament? How well do you really know the Bible?

To find out, take this quiz and see if you can identify these characters from the New Testament from a simple clue.

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