Quiz: Who is your '80s movie boyfriend?
Who is your '80s movie boyfriend?
By: Brian Whitney
Image: The Movie DB, Youtube

About This Quiz

Was your '80s boyfriend a bad boy or a true romantic? '80s movies were filled with hunk-a-licious dudes that every teenage girl dreamed of dating. From the rebellious to the mama's boys, '80s movies had every type of boyfriend covered. Best of all, none of them were hard on the eyes! But which one would have been right for you? 

Your preferences in both movies and men are very personal! We won't tell anyone, not even your best friend, how you respond to our questions, but we will get a good sense of who you are and what you like. We'll examine what you find essential in a relationship and what sort of behaviors you find acceptable. From there, we'll be able to scan our databases like a time-traveling dating app and pair you with the perfect '80s boyfriend! You might think you have a good idea which one would be your soulmate; careful analysis is warranted when it comes to matters of your heart! 

Step inside our '80s matchmaking machine, and channel your inner valley girl for this quiz! Your '80s boyfriend might be waiting with a boombox at the end. You'll be tickled pretty in pink when you find out! 

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