Quiz: Who Is Your Celebrity Soulmate?
Who Is Your Celebrity Soulmate?
By: Zoe Samuel
Image: WikiCommons

About This Quiz

In these cynical times, it's very fashionable not to believe in soulmates. After all, when a thousand perfectly nice-looking and possibly reasonably decent people are but a single swipe or click away at all times, you don't need to yoke yourself to a single person! 

You can explore the pick 'n' mix display of beauty that is laid out before you on dating sites and apps and within bars, workplaces (if you're careful), and beyond. You're a modern thinker, after all, someone who would never be fooled by such romantic notions... or are you?

Sure, the human dross that fills your local dating pool might not make you believe, but what about the Adonis or Aphrodite on the screen? Behold them with their flawless skin, their great big teeth, their wide eyes, and their inexhaustible supply of snappy comebacks. 

They're celebrities, and while they may not be saying things they came up with themselves when they're so ineffably witty and engaging, the way they're saying it is what's really important. They're gorgeous, they're charming, and they're made just for you - or at least, one of them is. Tell us all about yourself, and we'll figure out which celebrity is your soulmate!

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