Quiz: Who Is Your Disney Princess Doppelganger?
Who Is Your Disney Princess Doppelganger?
By: Tori Highley
Image: YouTube

About This Quiz

Usually, when one says 'doppelganger,' they're talking about a physical replica, whether it be tangible or not, of another person. These people are often looked at as identical twins, despite not sharing similar DNA sequences. But because we can't exactly see you, we're testing who your personality doppelganger is. Which Disney princess is exactly like you? So much so that you could be them if your roles were reversed. Believe us, it's possible, and it's time that you find out. 

So is your personality doppelganger Ariel? Ariel is always up for an adventure and isn't the most cautious of princesses. Are you Snow White? She may just be the sweetest Disney princess that we've come across. Maybe you're Jasmine. She is as sassy and as independent as they come and knows how to use her looks to get her way. Or are you the queen of frost like Elsa? She's more guarded than any of the other princesses and for a good reason. But deep down, she a great person to have fun with. 

So if you want to find out which of these four princesses you are, take this fun quiz. You may find yourself dreaming of a whole new world or under the sea!

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