Who Would Sponsor Your NASCAR Vehicle?

Mark Lichtenstein

How are you at turning to the left?

How close can you draft?

Can you control a car when the tires turn to jelly?

How long can you not go to the bathroom?

Can you lose gracefully?

How's your teamwork?

Can you fit through the driver's side window?

How aggressive are you?

How patient are you?

Are you a graceful winner?

How do you like the taste of milk?

How fast can you shift?

Can you do a sweet burnout?

Can you do doughnuts while sitting on the driver's side window sill?

Would you ever consider drinking out of a shoe?

Would you be willing to use a product just because it's your sponsor?

How do you treat your subordinates?

Can you give a good sound bite?

How game are you to do ads?

Are you morally upright in your private life?

How likely are you to do something in your private life that could embarrass your sponsors?

Are you willing to share the spotlight?

Are you funny?

Are you personable?

Do you conform to the image expected of NASCAR drivers?

Are you eccentric?

How competitive are you?

Are you willing to do a dangerous maneuver to win?

How many times have you wrecked a car?

Would you ever consider departing to race in the Indy 500?

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Image: WikiCommons

About This Quiz

Being a sponsored race car driver, especially in NASCAR, is about a lot more than just your driving. It's about your personality, the causes you support, the nature of your fan base, and your level of celebrity.

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