Quiz: Who's Your '80s Hunk?
Who's Your '80s Hunk?
By: Teresa M.

About This Quiz

"I've had the time of my life, and I owe it all to you!" You'll probably be singing these words after this quiz because we're ready to reveal your '80s hunk to you! With a long list of heartthrobs, let's find out if your soulmate was with you dancing across the stage or fighting for your love!

The '80s were filled with the influx of countless and countless heartthrobs. From every spectrum of pop culture, there was a hunk waiting to be noticed. Everyone was falling head over heels for the men of the Brat Pack. From Emilio Estevez to Rob Lowe, who could ever decide? Or were you crushing on Tom Cruise and Johnny Depp? 

Rather than watching the movie screen, you might've been crushing on Growing Pains' Kirk Cameron or Full House's John Stamos.

If you weren't into acting, were you crushing on the King of Pop, Michael Jackson? Or did you have a thing for the members of New Kids on the Block? 

The '80s had an abundance of heartthrobs, and you're probably dying to know which one is all for you! If you needed a little saving, your match is probably Jean Claude Van Damme (he's fine)! He'd definitely be willing to take a few punches for your love!

Rather than a fighter, you might've been after a lover like Kirk Cameron! Sweet and caring, he's the perfect boy-next-door! 

How could you ever choose? Luckily, we'll choose for you! Which '80s hunk were you falling for? Let's find out which heartthrob speeds up your pulse!

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