Quiz: Who's in Your Disney Princess Squad?
Who's in Your Disney Princess Squad?
By: Khadija Leon
Image: YouTube

About This Quiz

Everyone knows that to be unstoppable in this world, you need a great circle of people around you, and for women (and girls) that means having a group of people around you who will push you to be your best. 

Just like Taylor Swift and her impressive girl squad, these girls have shown everyone what it means to have each others' backs. The hashtag #squadgoals was even coined to represent something that you and your friends either want to accomplish or another group that you want to be like. 

We've also seen these squads in movies and television shows, and while may not be as big as Taylor's, the concept of being there for other people has been a continuous theme. In the Disney movies, we have seen the princesses and their mini squads including their animal and human friends, from Cinderella, Gus and Jaq, to Pocahontas, Meeko and Flit, to Ariel, Flounder and Sebastian.

If the roles were reversed, which of the many Disney princesses would be in your squad? Will they be the missing link or will you end with a person who will make waves in your group? The only way to find out who that person would be is to take this quiz!

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