Quiz: Who's Your Inner 2000s Pop Princess?
Who's Your Inner 2000s Pop Princess?
By: Teresa M.
Image: YouTube

About This Quiz

This quiz is a "Genie in a Bottle" and if you rub it and answer the questions the right way, we'll tell you about your inner 2000s pop princess! 

The end of the 20th century brought the emergence of these pop divas, and you're probably dying to know which one you were! From women breaking away from their former groups to starting their careers at a young age, which pop princess are you?

If you have a special flair about you and your "Hips Don't Lie," maybe you're Shakira! The Latin pop singer emerged with a sultry voice and moves to match it! 

Some days you want to be a pop princess and other days, you might want to rock and roll. For the divas straddling the line, you'd be most like the R&B turned pop/rock princess, P!nk!

Are you breaking away from your former self? While you're still appreciative, if you're ready to make it on your own, you're definitely giving off Beyonce vibes!

You might be the girl next door, and this might give you the title of the ultimate pop princess, like Britney! The young teen came into the pop industry, and you're probably ready to dominate just like she did!

You could be all of these pop princesses, or maybe you're more of a Christina Aguilera than a Britney Spears. Are you more Gwen Stefani than P!nk? You might want to be one or the other, but this quiz will prove once and for all which 2000s pop princess you are!

Pick up the mic and follow the tune of these questions!

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