Whose Famous Military Mind is Most Like Yours?

Mark Lichtenstein

What do you do before declaring war?

What is the most important aspect of war?

Which weapon most appeals to you?

Which method of deception is best?

Who would you pick as an enemy?

How would you deal with a backstabber in the office?

Someone just pulled into your parking space as you were lining up to pull in. What do you do?

You were about to board the subway, and someone jumps in front of you, taking up the last space. What do you do?

You were invited to a party, but told you had to wear a costume. You are alone in this prank, and look like an idiot. What do you do?

You are waiting patiently at the post office when someone cuts you in line. How do you react?

You're out late at night and someone mugs you. What do you do?

Your army is outnumbered five to one, and the enemy is invading in three days. What do you do?

Which close combat weapons best appeals to you?

Which great generals do you admire?

What was the last great American war?

Which great deception was the greatest in military history?

How do you judge a general?

What qualities do you look for in a soldier?

What should the civilian population do during war?

What is the worst thing one could do in war?

What is your attitude to soldiers of yours who are captured?

What do you wear when you are in the field?

Who is your role model?

Who today is inspired by you?

Which fans do you wish you could rid yourself of?

What weather do you like to fight in?

What landscape do you like to fight in?

What is your favorite punishment?

Which war do you wish you could have fought in?

Where do you lead from?

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About This Quiz

Each situation is unique, however, one can learn from the strategies of war's won in the past to gain an edge in today's conflicts. Whether your strategy is to win by using the greatest and latest firepower, covert intelligence, a slash and burn technique or negotiations, your chosen strategy says a lot about you and the famous military mind that is most like yours. Some leaders used the landscape to find the best location to fight and defeat their enemies, while others used air or sea warfare to provide an added advantage to ground fighting. Think back to some of the greats, such as Genghis Khan, Sun Tzu, Machiavelli and others and you'll recall effective strategies that made them dominate the enemy.

Naturally, the accuracy of this quiz is dependent on your honest answers. You'll be asked a series of questions about your outlook on life, your likes, dislikes and your social interactions. Those answers will help us match you to the famous military mind that is most like yours. We all know it's a war out there. Take the quiz and discover how you navigate through life and whose winning strategies you incorporate to get through the day. Start the quiz now.  

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