Quiz: Wild Hog Hunting Quiz
Wild Hog Hunting Quiz
By: Nathan Chandler
Image: shutterstock

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In recent years, wild hog populations have exploded in the United States, often much to the chagrin of both farmers and ranchers. That's why these big, tough creatures are now common hunting targets. How much do you know about wild hog hunting?

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Wild hogs are found mostly in which part of the country?
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In North America, what's another name for wild hogs?
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Many hunters use dogs to hunt wild hogs.
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What's one of the best signs you can use to track a wild hog?
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Wild hogs are extremely destructive. What do they do?
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Hunters are often successful when they attempt to call wild hogs.
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Wild hogs respond best to which kind of call?
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What's a popular rifle for hog hunting?
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Wild hogs are known for which characteristic?
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Hog tracks are reminiscent of the tracks of which other animals?
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In areas where hunting pressure is common, hogs typically feed when?
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Where should you be if you decide to call in hogs using a piglet's distress call?
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Wild hogs have no natural predators.
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Adult male hogs can grow to about what size?
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Since 1990, what has happened to the American population of wild hogs?
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How good is a wild hog's eyesight?
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All Gulf Coast states allow year-round hog hunting on public land.
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Which U.S. state has the biggest population of wild hogs?
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There are so many hogs in Texas that hunters have to kill what percentage of the animals each year just to maintain ecological stability?
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How does wild hog intelligence compare to that of other animals?
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Wild hogs will eat just about anything.
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In warm areas, how many litters do females average per year?
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Wild hogs often weigh hundreds of pounds. How fast can they run?
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Hogs are particularly drawn to baits that have which smell?
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Large male hogs often travel alone.
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In early 2017, Texas approved what tool to control wild hogs?
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How can you tell if you've found a place where wild hogs wallow?
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How do hogs stand up to hunters' bullets?
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