Quiz: Wilderness Survival Quiz
Wilderness Survival Quiz
By: Nathan Chandler
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About This Quiz

Out in the wild, even the easiest trail hike can quickly turn into a life-threatening situation. How much do you know about wilderness survival skills?

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What's the first step to take if someone is bleeding?
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What's a great way to turn cotton balls into firestarters?
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What's the first thing you should do before you head off down a wilderness trail?
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If you find yourself in a survival situation, what's the very first action you should take?
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If you're stuck in a wilderness survival situation, what's your No. 1 priority?
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Why is cotton a terrible material to wear into the wilderness?
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If you spot a maple tree in the wild, you can simply cut a hole into the tree and drink the sap that emerges.
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If you are dying of thirst and only find mud, what gear can you use to obtain water?
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In cold weather, what is the No. 1 killer of people who wander outdoors?
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Polaris is also called what?
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If you're stranded with a disabled vehicle, what's your first course of action?
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In a survival situation, "gigging" will help you do what?
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Boiling water is a 100% effective way to make wilderness water safe to drink from pathogens.
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If you collect dew as a water source, you should still purify it before you drink it.
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How can you turn raw acorns into an edible food source?
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How many fire-starting techniques should you take with you into the wild?
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About how long can a human survive without being able to regulate body temperature?
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Which part of a conifer tree is edible for humans?
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What can you use to start a fire using a battery?
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In order to completely kill waterborne pathogens, how long should you boil wilderness water?
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What plant is often called "the supermarket of the swamp"?
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How much bleach do you need to purify 1 liter of water?
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As you are building a wilderness shelter, why should you keep widow makers in mind?
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If you're carrying extra gear during a survival situation, what should you do with it?
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Wild cattail plants are a good source of what?
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About how long can the human body survive without water?
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