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The rest of the world sometimes pigeonholes Canada as simply a moose-infested forest that sprawls from sea to shining sea, a place that’s known as much for its politeness as its politics. But the reality is that Canada is a booming, bustling place with a rich history and plenty of economic might and lot of political pull. What do you really know about the land of maple leaves and beavers in this fascinating quiz?

As the crown of North America, Canada is indeed filled with forests. It is, in fact, one of the most heavily forested areas on the planet, and those woods are filled with all manner of important wildlife, from bears, to wolves, to elk and a whole lot more. The country is also strewn with many thousands of lakes, as well as rugged coastlines. What do you know about the landscapes and layout of this country?

Canada doesn’t have states. Instead, it is broken into small areas called provinces, as well as a handful of territories. These provinces are incredibly varied in their people and landscape. Some of them are exceedingly rural or virtually empty — others feature some of the biggest cities on the entire continent. What do you know about Canada’s settlements, large and small?

Canada is a varied blend of big-city life and backwater isolation. Grab your pancakes and maple syrup and settle in with this Canadian quiz — we’ll see how much you really know about America’s northern neighbor!

What is the capital city of Canada?

In southern Ontario, you’ll find Ottawa, the capital of the entire country. About 1 million people live there.


How many oceans border Canada?

Canada is bordered by three oceans. They are the Pacific, Atlantic and Arctic oceans.


Canada is the ____-biggest country in the world.

Sprawling over 3.8 million square miles, Canada is second only to Russia in terms of pure size. From prairies to forest to mountains, it is a mammoth country.


What is the population of Canada?

Canada is the world’s second-largest country by area ... but hardly anyone lives there. It has a population of about 36 million people, roughly the same as a single U.S. state, California.


What is Canada’s official national sport?

Hockey is to Canada as baseball is to America — it is a national pastime and cultural obsession. It’s also why Canada produces so many professional hockey players. Lacrosse is the country’s official summer sport.


True or false, does Canada have more coastline than any other country?

By some estimates, Canada has about 164,000 miles of coastline. That’s more than any other country on Earth.


How many provinces are there in Canada?

Provinces are Canada’s version of states. There are 10 of them, along with three territories.


What is Canada’s most populous province?

Ontario is home to more than 13 million people, accounting for a huge portion of the country’s population. It is by far the most populous province.


Canada produces more ____ than an other country.

For generations, Canada has been known as a maple syrup haven. The Canadians produce more of this sticky, sweet substance than any other country.


What is Canada’s national anthem?

In 1980, Canada finally adopted an official national anthem. That anthem is, of course, "O, Canada."


What is Canada’s official minority language?

Canada has two official languages, English and French. About 20% of its citizens can speak French.


In which province would you find most of Canada’s French-speaking population?

Quebec, a province of the eastern area of Canada, is home to most of Canada’s French-speaking population. Some of its citizens speak only French — with very few English skills.


Which food is strongly associated with Canadian culture?

Poutine is quintessential Canadian dish — French fries with cheese curds, often topped with gravy. It is just as heavenly (and unhealthy) as it sounds.


Which Canadian province borders the U.S. state of Washington?

British Columbia anchors the west coast of Canada and is just north of Washington. Alberta lies just to the east of B.C.


Canada is known as a cold place. What’s the coldest temperature ever recorded there?

In 1947, a station in Snag, Yukon documented a temperature of -81.4 degrees Fahrenheit. In winter, the average low for Canada’s capital city, Ottawa is about 6 degrees F.


True or false, does Canada share the longest international border in the world?

It’s true. The U.S.-Canada border is more than 5,200 miles long. That’s the longest international border on Earth.


What is striking about Quebec City?

From the 17th to 19th century, locals in Quebec City kept adding to massive fortifications. It is the only walled city anywhere north of Mexico.


What is the Canadian province known for farming?

Located in the center of the country, Saskatchewan has broad plains that are well-suited to farming. This single province grows about 45% of Canada’s grains.


True or false, is Canada the world’s biggest producer of hydroelectricity?

False. Canada is second in hydroelectricity production, behind only China. Oil and natural gas are still tops in Canada in terms of energy production.


What’s special about Niagara Falls?

Located in the eastern portion of the country, Niagara Falls is a wonder of the world. It is Canada’s biggest waterfall by volume, dumping incredible amounts of water every second of every day.


Canada has about 10% of all of the world’s ______.

Just look at the satellite pictures and you’ll see how much of Canada is swathed in trees. The country has about 10% of all of the world’s forest cover.


About 90% of Canadians live within 125 miles of ______.

The vast majority of Canada’s population is scrunched up next to the U.S-Canada border. Roughly 90% of the entire country lives just 125 miles from the border.


The Yukon is Canada’s least populous province. About how many people live there?

The Yukon covers about 186,000 square miles — and is home to just 36,000 people. Its remoteness in the northwest part of the country is a major reason so few people live there.


Which Canadian province is home to Halifax?

More than 900,000 people live in Nova Scotia, a maritime province on the east coast of Canada. There, you’ll find the booming city of Halifax, which is home to more than 400,000.


True or false, is Canada bigger than the European Union?

Canada is so big that this single nation is indeed bigger than the entire European Union. Canada is 15 times bigger than France.


Canada has huge reserves of which resource?

Canada is filled to the brim with oil sands — sands saturated with petroleum, and many companies exploit this resource, often to the objections of environmentalists, who say oil sands product is too damaged to local ecosystems.


Which province is the only one to officially be considered bilingual?

New Brunswick is, officially, the only bilingual province in all of Canada. So when you step outside, you never know if you’ll be encountering French or English speakers.


How many moose are there in Canada?

Moose are huge deer that roam Canada’s wilderness (and sometimes, streets). There are at least 500,000 on the prowl and there may be as many as a million.


What will you find on Ellesmere Island?

Ellesmere Island is in the northern region of the territory of Nunavut. It is home to the world’s northernmost settlement — the total population of the island is less than 200 people.


"Canada" is derived from the Native American word "Kanata," which means ______.

Centuries ago, the Iroquois people called the area "Kanata," which means "settlement." From east to west and north to south, Canada features both tiny villages and booming metro areas.


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