Will You Marry Your High School Sweetheart?

Kathryn Davis

What year were you in when you and your high school sweetheart start dating?

How did you and your sweetheart meet?

Would you say you and your sweetheart share the same friend group?

What's your fondest high school memory with your sweetheart?

Which percentage of your school knew you and your sweetheart were a couple?

You and your sweetheart have a class together. How do you act?

It's homecoming and your sweetheart is nominated for homecoming court! How do you react?

You hear your sweetheart get called down to the principal's office. What's it for?

There's a food fight in the cafeteria. How does your sweetheart respond?

Which class subject do you prefer?

Which class subject does your sweetheart prefer?

At a school sporting event, someone from the opposing school approaches your sweetheart and is clearly trying to flirt with them. How do you react?

You're at your locker when your sweetheart approaches. How do they greet you?

Your sweetheart tells you they're failing a class. How did this happen?

Your sweetheart is home sick today. What's your day like?

Which class do you dread the most?

What initially drew you to your high school sweetheart?

How do your teachers regard you and your sweetheart?

How soon after high school do you and your sweetheart plan to get married?

Combined, how many different high school sports have you and your sweetheart played?

What are your college plans?

It's summer vacation. How often do you see your sweetheart?

How do you and your sweetheart get along with one another's family?

What would you want your marriage proposal to be like?

Which famous pair of high school sweethearts would you swap places with?

What's your biggest pet peeve about your sweetheart?

Have you and your high school sweetheart ever broken up?

Your significant other says they need a break. How do you react?

Which word describes your dream wedding?

Your high school sweetheart cheats on you. Can you still marry them?

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About This Quiz

Although lots of us look back on our high school relationships (as well as our fashion choices at the time) and cringe, this isn't the case for everyone. Some of us spend our whole lives looking for "the one," while some of us look up in the middle of freshman bio and find ourselves staring at the back of our soul mate's head. 

We can't control the time or place we meet the person we wind up spending the rest of our lives with. In some cases, we find this person early on! But in the grand scheme of things, when and where we meet our "person" has nothing to do with how strong or right the relationship itself is.

Some look down on young relationships, choosing to chalk them up to "puppy love" or infatuation. But what about you? You've been with your high school sweetheart for a while now; maybe even for years already! Are you confident that your high school sweetheart will be your one true love, always and forever? You might be right! You also might be completely and totally wrong. If you're itching to know whether or not your high school romance will end in marriage, hop into this quiz and test the waters!

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