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Winston Churchill took the reins of a wartime country and guided it through what could have been the end of days. Instead, he helped thwart the ultimate evil, all while chomping on his famous cigars. How much do you know about the greatest Briton?

Everyone calls him "Winston." What was his real first name?

His full name was Winston Leonard Spencer Churchill. He was born November 30, 1874. He's often called "the greatest Briton."


Churchill's parents were British and Scottish.

His father was a British politician named Lord Randolph Churchill. His mother? A crazy-beautiful American named Jennie Jerome. They were a genuine power couple.


What sort of relationship did Churchill have with his parents?

Winston liked his parents, but they were both busy with politics and high society activities. He rarely interacted with them on a consistent basis.


At a young age, it was clear that Churchill was intelligent. How'd he do in school?

Winston was smart. He was also rebellious and stubborn, and for those traits, he earned poor marks in many of his classes.


As a child, Churchill struggled with which problem?

He later became known as one of the most forceful speakers in the world. But as a child? He had a lisp and stuttered, for which he was mocked.


Churchill joined the army. He was active in which role?

He was an active war correspondent. He requested as much time in combat zones as possible so that he could relay the experiences in his writing.


A life in war took Winston to many places. Where was he first deployed internationally?

He was deployed to Cuba to write about the Spanish putting down a revolt by Cuban guerillas. It was there, of course, that he got a taste for cigars, which became a lifelong habit.


As a war correspondent, Churchill became a prisoner of war in which country?

He was sent to cover the Boer War in South Africa and was aboard an armored train that wound up in enemy hands. He and other men were imprisoned.


How did his stint in the POW camp end?

With another man's help, he escaped the prison and traveled hundreds of miles to safety. His exploits made him a minor celebrity in Britain.


How did his brush with fame affect his life?

His wartime adventures gave him credibility in the political sphere. He ran for office and was elected. In 1901, he delivered the first of many speeches in Parliament.


Churchill was courageous but socially awkward. How many women did he propose to before one agreed to marry him?

Three women rejected his marriage proposals. Finally, a woman named Clementine agreed to partner with him. They had five children together.


When it came to money, how did Churchill behave?

For much of his life, Churchill was broke. He spent money extravagantly and never paid his bills, a fact that enraged creditors and caused Churchill all sorts of problems.


How did Churchill manage to pay creditors who wouldn’t leave him alone?

Churchill did anything and everything to pay bills that piled up due to his own misbehavior. He even used loopholes in the law to pay off his debts.


During World War I, Churchill was forced to take the fall for what?

Churchill was one of the planners behind a failed attack at Gallipoli on April 25, 1915. The debacle tarnished his reputation, and he resigned from the government.


During World War I, Churchill repeatedly entered the deadly "no-man's land" -- the area between entrenched enemy forces.

He served on the ground and made dozens of (perhaps unintelligent) forays into no-man's land. He was somehow never killed.


Following World War I, Churchill's conservative politics sent him into the shadows. How did he bide his time?

Churchill spent his time out of the political spotlight writing and writing and writing. His thoughtful ideas maintained him as a force in politics.


In 1931, Churchill visited New York City and endured a frightening incident. What happened?

Traffic moves on the opposite side of the road in Britain. Churchill momentarily forgot about that particular fact. He stepped in front of a car and was hurt but alive.


Churchill scrambled back into politics. In the 1930s, he was alarmed by the rise of Adolf Hitler in Germany.

Many British politicians ignored or overlooked Hitler. But Churchill sounded the alarm early in Hitler's political career. Few people heeded Winston's warnings.


In 1937, Churchill delivered a speech in which he said, "if I had to choose between communism and Nazism, I would choose WHAT"?

Churchill recognized that Nazism and fascism were dangers to humanity. He said he'd choose communism over Nazism.


Who first tried to break Churchill of his cigar habit?

His mom hated the dirty habit and implored him to stop. She bribed him into quitting but he eventually took up his favorite vice once again.


At the beginning of World War II, Churchill abruptly became prime minister of Britain. What happened to the previous prime minister?

Prime Minister Chamberlain's poor war strategy caught up to him and he was forced to resign. The hard-headed and war-ready Neville Churchill stepped into a role that was vital to the survival of his homeland.


Churchill was famous for his rousing speeches. In June 1940, as the Nazis stormed across Europe, what did he say?

The English rallied around their leader, in part due to speeches like this one: "We shall fight on the beaches, we shall fight on the landing grounds, we shall fight on the fields ... we shall never surrender."


The Nazis formulated many plots to kill Churchill. One plot involved what?

Capitalizing on Churchill's love of food, the Germans created an explosives-laden chocolate bar that would blow up when Churchill ate it. Fortunately, British spies stopped the plan before it was executed.


Churchill loved alcohol and was especially fond of which drink?

He loved champagne. In victory, and even in defeat.


Churchill was elected to office in 1940. How many times was he elected prime minister?

His first term spanned 1940 to 1945. But he was elected again in 1951 and served until 1955. He's still regarded as one of the most popular British politicians ever.


What was Churchill's nickname during World War II?

With his big jowls and stout demeanor, he truly earned his British Bulldog nickname. In some respects "Pit Bull" might have been more appropriate.


In 1953, Churchill won a Nobel Prize for which reason?

Churchill was a prolific writer and obsessive historian. For his large body of work, he won the 1953 Nobel Prize for literature.


Churchill was the first person ever to be made an honorary citizen of which country?

U.S. politicians were enamored with the man and his war exploits. In 1963, he became the first honorary citizen of the United States.


Churchill famously fought a "Black Dog," which was a reference to what?

He typically put on a brave face in public but Churchill struggled with negativity and depression, a "Black Dog" that stalked him throughout his life.


Churchill was a monumental war hero. How did he die?

He was 90 years old when he died from complications following a stroke. He was politically active until the end of his life.


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