Quiz: The Historic Winter Storms Quiz
The Historic Winter Storms Quiz
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Do you love winter weather? Test your knowledge with this winter weather storm quiz, and maybe you'll wish spring was on its way.

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A winter storm that brings rain or snow along with coastal flooding and hurricane-force winds to the northeastern U.S. is called?
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Which Victorian-era storm brought massive snowfall and bone-chilling temperatures that left more than 400 people dead from New England to the Chesapeake?
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What year did the President's Day blizzard shut down cities from Boston to Washington D.C.?
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The blizzard of 1967 dumped 23 inches of snow on which Midwestern U.S. city?
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Which turn-of-the-century storm blanketed Southern states with record-setting snowfall and freezing temperatures?
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Nor'easters only occur during the winter months.
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What year did the Super Bowl blizzard cause more than $63 million in property damage and claim at least 60 lives?
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What nickname was given to the February 2010 blizzard that dumped record snowfall on the Washington D.C.-Baltimore area?
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The Armistice Day blizzard struck the Midwest region of the U.S. in what year?
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What was the name of the 1991 nor'easter that resulted in a movie of the same name?
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Which city did this 2006 blizzard dump 26.9 inches of snow on?
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Which country has had the largest 24-hour snowfall on record?
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What year was the Mount Shasta, California, storm that dropped a record 189 inches of snow?
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What was the name of the 1922 blizzard that killed 98 people in Washington D.C.?
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Which U.S. state holds the record for 24-hour snowfall?
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Sudden and rapid freezing of soil can cause a phenomenon known as frostquakes.
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According to the National Weather Service, a blizzard is defined by large amounts of snow or blowing snow, along with winds exceeding 35 miles per hour and visibility of less than what distance?
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Where was the lowest temperature in the U.S. recorded?
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The Schoolchildren's blizzard of 1888 took place in which U.S. geographic region?
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What was the name of the storm that hit the eastern United States in 1993 and affected 26 states?
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Thundersnow can generate thunder and lightening.
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What year did the Dallas ice storm interrupt Super Bowl XLV activities?
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What is the fear of being trapped by snow called?
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How many sides do snowflakes have?
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What year did the Halloween nor'easter leave 3 million people on the East Coast without power?
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Hypothermia occurs when body temperature drops below what temperature?
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An Alberta Clipper weather system develops to the east of what North American mountain range?
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The coldest temperature recorded on Earth is 135 degrees below zero Fahrenheit.
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How many millions of tons of snow can one storm produce?
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