Quiz: The Ultimate Witchcraft Quiz
The Ultimate Witchcraft Quiz
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Sure, we all know about broomsticks and cauldrons … Which only has a very small basis in the historical and modern reality of witchcraft. Learn your Wicca from your warlocks and test your knowledge of the culture of witchcraft through history.

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The Romans punished those who practiced "magic:"
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What changed the reputation for witches as being worshippers of Satan?
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In a nine-month period, how many "witches" were executed in the hysteria around Salem?
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In Navajo culture, what does a witch do to disguise him or herself at night?
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The Zande tribe in the Congo believe that a witch's power is:
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Most cultures that believe in witchcraft do NOT blame witchcraft for:
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In the 15th and 16th century, prominent witch hunts took place in:
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The Bacchanalia -- a Greco-Roman precursor to the Western image of hedonistic underground worship -- was originally attended by:
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Wicca is an extremely ancient religion.
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Wiccans worship:
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Wiccans worship in groups called:
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However, Wiccan witches can also practice in:
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The precursor to Halloween was called:
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Appalachian folk magic uses:
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What does kitchen or cottage witchery entail?
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Wiccans believe that doing harm will come back to them:
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The broom (or besom) is used for what in Wiccan culture?
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What does the term "skyclad" mean in Wiccan ritual?
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Winter solstice is celebrated as:
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How many Wiccan holidays are there?
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