Quiz: Quiz: Could you go without your refrigerator?
Quiz: Could you go without your refrigerator?
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For some, driving a hybrid vehicle is not enough. Some even want to save energy by no longer using their refrigerator! Before deciding to give your fridge the cold shoulder, take our quiz to see how you can do it best and whether it's even worth it.

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Which of the following was a precursor to the modern home refrigerator?
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When were people first able to buy refrigerators for their homes?
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If you have a refrigerator made within the last 10 years, about how much electricity does it use each year?
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Assuming your refrigerator was manufactured in the last 10 years, about how many miles would you need to drive to equal the "carbon footprint" that the fridge makes in a year?
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Which of the following condiments should always be refrigerated?
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About how long can your cheese and butter last without refrigeration before they start to go bad?
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What is one method of cooling food without a refrigerator?
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Which is NOT a common method of preserving food without the need for a refrigerator?
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What appliance in your home typically uses less electricity than your refrigerator?
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What greatly reduces the energy savings of many people who go without their refrigerators?
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How often should you clean the coils of your refrigerator?
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What can you do to your refrigerator door to ensure that it doesn't waste energy?
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How much electricity is consumed by the refrigeration device invented by Albert Einstein and Leo Szilard?
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What other sources of energy could be used to power refrigerators in the future?
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In the U.S., what rating can you look for that indicates you're buying an energy-efficient refrigerator?
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