Quiz: The Words We All Misuse Quiz
The Words We All Misuse Quiz
By: Staff
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About This Quiz

Whether you're a self-proclaimed grammar nazi or use the phrase "intensive purposes", there are still some words that confuse us all. Some all too common mistakes have found their way to memes and mugs like the notorious "you're" v. "your" argument. However, there are still several oft-misused terms that have not reached a high level of awareness. Ask someone to discuss the proper uses of "lie" v. "lay" and you'll find that a quick Google search is a safer bet than asking the average person. 

Some people might pick up on pop culture references like Alanis Morissette's incorrect use of "ironic", or on everyday references like the popular "irregardless", which somehow lives on despite the fact that it's not a real word. This quiz is a chance for you to test your own knowledge and learn something along the way.

Are you unsure of the difference between "affect" and "effect"? Do you use "enervate" and "energize" interchangeably? Do you ever find yourself using "bemused" even if you're not exactly sure what it means? Take this quiz to and get these answers and more. 

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I'm done with the job for all __________, but I haven't had my exit interview yet.
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The __________ of New York is Albany.
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Tom wasn't too upset that Amy had been fired. He had never really liked her __________.
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The Empire State Building is taller __________ the Chrysler Building.
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The teacher's pointed questions failed to __________ any answers from the class.
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Justin was __________ by the fireworks; he'd seen better pyrotechnics.
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It's so __________ that it rained on their wedding day.
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Rebecca went shopping for some __________ outfits to wear on her work trip.
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__________ of what you think should happen, we're still going ahead with the renovation.
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I'm __________ of that mean-looking dog next door. It could be nice, but you never know.
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Don't __________ the rules: __________ __________ for your protection.
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We were terrified on the __________ mountain roads.
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I'm not under any __________ that our plane will actually leave on time tonight.
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She was clearly __________ to the fact that she lost her job last week.
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The __________ quilt looked lovely in the master bedroom.
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The child's tantrum had absolutely no __________ on his mother. She just took his hand and quietly led him out of the store.
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Paul __________ an English accent every time he answered the phone.
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Lawrence was so __________ after the motivational speech that he went for a jog when he got home.
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We've decided to pay down the __________ of our mortgage instead of going on vacation this summer.
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On __________, I refuse to buy from any cosmetics company that tests on animals.
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The soldier was __________ at dawn the day after he was convicted of murder.
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The __________ moment in the movie came when the hero was dangling from a bridge.
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I'll give you some money __________ your tuition if you get good grades this semester.
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My grandparents __________ here from Ireland.
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__________ never going to win that race if you don't start training.
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Taylor was __________ by the joke because she understood it well.
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She had never been so happy as when she finally __________ that heavy suitcase down on the floor.
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I'm going to __________ down in bed and take a nice, long nap.
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When I __________ down in bed last night, I fell right asleep.
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Lisa said she __________ if Tony went to the party with another girl. They had broken up weeks ago.
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