Quiz: Test Your Knowledge: The Worst Cars of the 20th Century
Test Your Knowledge: The Worst Cars of the 20th Century
By: Staff
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Do you know why vehicles like the Edsel, Pinto and Reliant Robin make car lovers roll their eyes or respond with a knowing grin? Do friends turn to you for car-buying advice because you know how to tell a true classic from a real clunker? Sure, plenty of people know the automotive industry's best creations, but how much do you know about the vehicles at the bottom of the barrel?

It's no secret that Americans love their cars. And yet some of the same companies that produced legends like the Mustang and the Corvette also came out with some real rust buckets. For every reliable and beloved vehicle on the showroom floor, there's a lemon that left someone in the lurch.

There's a reason that cars like the Pinto, Reliant Robin, Yugo and Gremlin send chills down the spines of industry experts. From terrible three-wheeled design to ugly exteriors to a tendency to burst into flames, bad cars more than earn their bad reputations. Some are simply too slow to satisfy, while others spew emissions or conk out long before the loan is paid off.

Think you know why these cars rank low for car lovers? Take our quiz to find out!

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