Quiz: Worst Case Scenario: Do You Know How to Fix These Car Issues?
Worst Case Scenario: Do You Know How to Fix These Car Issues?
By: Steven Symes
Image: pexels

About This Quiz

Can you MacGyver car repairs using a wad of bubble gum, a paper clip and some shoestring? Could you handle being stuck absolutely in the middle of nowhere, thanks to an unexpected car problem?  Even if you've never been stranded on a dark road, with faint banjo music coming from the trees and what feels like a thousand eyes staring at you from the darkness, you need to take this quiz!

Thanks to this day and age of communication, most people rely heavily on their cellphone, in-car communications system and the proximity of roadside assistance to take care of everything from running out of gas to fixing a flat tire. Some people think these conveniences are making us soft, and there's plenty of evidence to back that up. After all, people have called 911 in a panic because their car's battery died and they don't know how to manually actuate the door locks to get out. 

Some have proposed putting the steps for changing a flat tire on the driver's license exam for different states. Sadly, plenty of people probably wouldn't be behind the wheel, but you really have to ask if that's a bad thing or not.

Could you survive fixing different car issues without help? Take this quiz right now and test your own preparedness. 

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What kind of a surface do you need for changing a flat tire?
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What's the worst thing you can do when a car gets close to overheating?
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How many people do you need to push-start a car?
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How can you clear clogged windshield spray nozzles?
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If the lug nuts are on tight enough you can't turn them at all using the tire iron, what can you do?
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With a pressurized cooling system, what do you need to be cautious of when refilling low antifreeze after the engine has almost overheated?
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What does a car need to have for push starting it to work?
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If the brake light comes on when driving but the brake pedal feels fine, what should you do?
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What can you do if your keyless entry stops working and you're locked outside the vehicle?
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What can you use in an emergency to fix a blown radiator hose?
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What's one thing you can do on the side of the road to more rapidly cool off an overheated or almost overheated engine?
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How does running the heater work with an engine that's beginning to overheat, or is near to overheating?
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What factor can affect how long it takes a dead battery to charge using jumper cables?
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What gear do you put the transmission in to push-start it on a downhill slope?
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What kind of tool do you need to patch a hole in a tire?
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If the horn was working perfectly before and it suddenly stops, what should you check first?
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What can you use other than coolant to fill a car's cooling system after it overheats and overflows?
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What can you use in an emergency to keep broken suspension components together?
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What can you bring along to deal with leaks in a gas tank?
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After a fuel leak you've fixed that drained your car of gas, how can you get fuel from another vehicle into yours?
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What device can you carry in your car to rapidly inflate tires in an emergency?
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If a wiper arm comes loose so it won't rotate anymore, what can you do?
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