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Nature may have a maternal reputation, but she is also one mother you don't want to mess with. Join us while we learn about the floods, droughts, twisters, quakes and fires that have been the most deadly, destructive and bizarre.

What natural disaster killed tens of thousands in Peru in 1970?

The earthquake and subsequent avalanche on Mount Huascaran killed tens of thousands in 1970.


How fast did the avalanche travel?

The debris utterly buried and destroyed towns ten miles away.


Where did a four-year drought come to an end with a catastrophic blizzard in 1972?

The week-long snow killed about 4,000 people.


Flooding in Vietnam in 1971 caused how many deaths?

The North Vietnamese floods were devastating to the population.


The 1970 Bhola cyclone struck where?

At the time, Bangladesh was called East Pakistan.


An estimated how many Bangladeshis were killed in the storm?

About 300,000-500,000 died in the storm. Most of them were killed by drowning.


What was one result of the response and conditions after the storm in Bangladesh?

Frustration with the government led to the 1971 war.


When was the deadliest earthquake ever recorded?

The 1556 earthquake took place in Shaanxi province, China.


How many people died in the 1556 earthquake?

Shaanxi province and a neighboring province lost 830,000 people, nearly 60 percent of their populations.


What was the estimated magnitude of the 1556 earthquake?

The magnitude 8 earthquake's severity was further heightened by the instability of the buildings, which caused great damage.


What natural disaster happened in 2003 and resulted in 20,000 deaths?

The hottest temperatures in 500 years occurred and resulted in water shortages, fires and heat-related deaths.


Fifteen thousand people died from the heat in what country?

The heat was extremely risky in France.


The 1839 Coringa Cyclone destroyed the port city in India with an inundating wave of what height?

The surge caused the loss of 300,000 people and 20,000 vessels.


What is a limnic eruption?

Carbon dioxide erupts from deep lakes, causing gas clouds that are deadly.


In 1986, Lake Nyos in Cameroon had a limnic eruption. How many people died?

Around 1,700 people died. It may seem like a small number of people, but keep in mind only six people in the town survived, and the eruption killed people 15 miles (24 kilometers) away.


What else happened during the limnic eruption?

In a matter of minutes, the lake burst, a tsunami erupted, and 1,746 people were killed.


A 1999 storm and flash flooding in Brazil resulted in what other natural disaster that claimed the lives of 30,000 people?

Landslides killed about 30,000 people in the terrible Vargas tragedy.


While 30,000 is generally cited as the number of deaths in the Brazil storm, how many bodies were recovered?

An extraordinary majority of bodies were buried or carried out to sea with debris flows.


Where was the world's deadliest recorded tornado?

The Daulatpur-Saturia tornado struck in 1989 in Bangladesh.


How many people were killed in the Daulatpur-Saturia tornado?

Twelve thousand people were injured, and 80,000 lost their homes.


Where did a significant tsunami occur in 365 C.E.?

No one in entirely sure of the toll, but "many thousands" were said to have died, and Crete was nearly decimated.


The 2004 Indian Ocean earthquake caused a tsunami how high?

The devastation from the 100-foot tsunami reached 14 countries.


How many people were killed in the 2004 tsunamis?

About 230,000 people were killed. The hardest hit country was Indonesia, with Sri Lanka, India and Thailand also left reeling.


What other effects were caused by the 2004 earthquake and tsunami?

There was literally no part of Earth that didn't "feel" the quake.


How powerful was the earthquake?

Small earthquakes last less than a second; moderate ones last a few seconds. This one lasted 500 to 600 seconds and was a magnitude 9.1-9.3.


When Mount Tambora erupted in 1815, what was an unexpected effect?

The eruption in Indonesia was so powerful that it caused a global cooling into summer — and cold, dark nights that prompted Shelley to imagine her monster.


How many people died in the eruption of Tambora?

Although up to 71,000 people died from all the effects of the eruption, 12,000 were directly killed by it.


How many people did the Peshtigo fire in Wisconsin kill?

Hundreds were buried in a mass grave, as the burns and lack of survivors made identification difficult.


What is one reason the Peshtigo fire spread so rapidly?

The fires served as a warning for the timber industry to monitor wildfire prevention.


The horror of the Peshtigo fire was overshadowed by what event that happened the same night in 1871?

While 300 people died in the Chicago fire, its (mythical) beginning from Mrs. O'Leary's cow sensationalized it.


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