The Worst Video Games of All-time Quiz


What is a notable characteristic of 1982's "Custer's Revenge?"

Perhaps it's a good thing that the graphics were really bad.

Which celebrity was on the cover art of "Make My Video," released in 1992?

The idea was to create a music video...but it wasn't any fun.

Which swimmer probably regretted his decision to lend his name to a game called "Push the Limit?"

This game used the Kinect gesture-detection system, meaning you had to flail in front of your TV for hours.

Which game is sometimes blamed for the downfall of Atari?

Fall into pit. Get stuck. Repeat ad nauseam.

Which Xbox 360 racing title suffered from non-existent physics and an incredibly short story mode?

Some critics gave this one their worst possible score.

Which terrible game was described as a romantic comedy graphic adventure for adults?

It was like a really bad slide show instead of a video game.

What was a fatal flaw of "NFL Head Coach?"

It was a tedious exercise in team management.

Which game was accused of copying the locations found in other, more successful games?

The plagiarism was so obvious that the game was pulled from the market.

Which presidential candidate released a game that found characters taking part in a political campaign?

The game, like Dean's campaign, was doomed from the start.

1997's "Postal" required players to do what?

There is no plot, and you shoot about everyone in town.

Which game was so bad that Atari buried truckloads of unsold cartridges in a New Mexico landfill?

In 2014, a documentary crew filmed some of the games begin excavated.

About how many copies of "E.T." did Atari bury in the desert?

It was a video game failure of monumental proportions

Poor graphics and stupid game play ruined this 2001 game based on which theme park?

"Universal Studios Theme Parks Adventure" was considered one of the worst games ever for GameCube.

Which "Zelda" title received horrible reviews from every critic?

The awful box art portended the horrible, blurry graphics of the game.

What was the purpose of the Atari game called "Dancing Plate?"

It was a bad concept, and the graphics were terrible even by the standards of early games.

Which basketball star lent his name to a so-called "Combat Basketball" game set in 2030?

The overhead angle and terrible controls made this one a bust.

The Nintendo 64 version of "Superman" found players doing what over and over again?

The overly sensitive controls made the gameplay downright painful.

Which famous performer did the voice work on a terrible game called "Outlaw Tennis?"

The misstep didn't permanently damage his career.

Which popular arcade game was horribly received on the Atari 2600?

The 2600 version was a shoddy shadow of the arcade masterpiece

Which game crashed so often that it was nearly unplayable?

The glib gameplay and aforementioned crashes made this one pointless.

Sloppy controls and incessant glitches killed which game?

The game's developers were criticized for their poor quality control.

Which superhero starred in the super-flop game "Battle for Atlantis?"

Terrible gameplay and shoddy graphics made this one a mess.

In which racing game do the computer players remain at the starting line and never even move?

Additionally, the games physics were completely wrong

What happened to Smurfette if your "Smurf" character backtracked during the game?

It was a bizarre (secret) twist in a really bad game.

How long was "Ashes Cricket 2013" on sale before being recalled by the publisher?

It was so buggy and outdated that it was an outright embarrassment.

Which 2013 title was panned for its horrific gameplay, terrible voice acting and other unprofessional flaws?

The designers flubbed every part of this game's development.

Which game was delayed so long that its graphics looked outdated the moment it was finally released?

It is considered one of the biggest flops in game history.

What did Shaquille O'Neal's character do in his terrible 1994 game?

"Shaq Fu" has a web site dedicated to "liberating" copies of the game from every store so that innocent people don't play it.

Which game tanked in part due to its unlikeable main character?

Complicated controls and subpar graphics rounded out the list of cons.

Why was SQIJ! such a bad game?

The rumor is that a contract dispute led to purposely bad programming.

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