Would You be a Good Bounty Hunter?

Mark Lichtenstein

What's your preferred mode of transport?

What's the closest you've come to law enforcement?

Are you good with numbers?

Have you ever committed a crime?

How easily bored are you?

Do you mind travelling to boring places?

How strong is your stomach?

How are you with violence?

Do you know the legal framework around bounty hunting?

Do you know what a bail bondsman is?

How good are you at finding things?

How are you with maps?

Are you good at getting strangers to open up?

How are your negotiating skills?

Did you ever commit petty crimes as a kid?

Do you know how to pick a lock?

What part of a door do you need to kick to kick it in?

What is the bounty hunter's primary weapon?

How should you treat your quarry when you come face to face?

Are bounty hunters allowed across borders?

Are bounty hunters allowed across borders when hunting a bounty?

What did Domino Harvey do wrong?

Has "Dog the Bounty Hunter" ever gotten in trouble with the law as a bounty hunter?

What is a skip trace?

Have you had to Google any of these so far?

What is one of the most useful tools to the modern bounty hunter?

Are people creatures of habit?

When someone skips out on bail, what's the first place they're likely to go to?

What percentage of bail jumpers get caught?

Do you think you would make a good criminal?

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About This Quiz

Bounty hunters aren't vigilantes. They are usually bail bondsmen hunting bail jumpers on the run from the law. It isn't all kicking down doors and pepper spray. Would you make a good one?

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