Would You Be an Apprentice, Journeyman, or Master Electrician?

Brian Whitney

Do you enjoy a good math problem?

How good of a gamer are you?

When was the last time you read a book you really enjoyed?

Do people tell you that you are a good story teller?

What sounds good for lunch today?

What artistic thing would you be best at doing?

What sounds most fun to do on a boring rainy day?

What time do you normally get up on the weekend if you have nothing to do?

If you take a long hike, do you usually know what time you'll return?

If you weren't an electrician, what other trade would you be good at?

Where would you most like to do electrical work?

For the most part, do you like to work as part of a team?

What do you do if you know someone you work with is slacking off?

Which of the following jobs would you be best at?

How long would you last at telemarketing?

What would be your group type when you were in high school?

How soon do you respond to texts from your friends?

Do you friends come to you for advice when they have a problem?

Do you remember people's names when you only meet them once?

How often do you lose your keys at home?

How often have you helped your friends move in the last 10 years?

Do you tend to cheat on people you're going out with?

If you got too much change back, would you return it?

You went out to get lunch for the crew and dented the truck in a minor accident. What do you do?

What type of race would you like to run?

How long can a movie be before you get bored?

Do you like to go fishing?

When was the last time you totally freaked out in traffic because of road rage?

What would you do if lost in the woods?

How long would you work outside in the pouring rain?

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About This Quiz

To be a good electrician, you don't just need to have the knowledge and technical skills to do the job, you also need to have the right personality. A lot of people might think that any sort of personality type could be an electrician, but nothing could be farther from the truth. Just like any other job, certain personalities succeed more as electricians than others. Some of these things just come naturally to electricians, while others are things that take them a bit of time to learn and adjust to. 

Now, there are all sorts of technical skills that an electrician needs to do a good job, in fact, we HIGHLY suggest that even if you score well on this personality test, you don't start doing all sorts of dangerous electrical repairs around your house. 

An electrician is usually smart of course. They also understand the business well and get along with all sorts of different types of people. They're good talkers as well as listeners. They are empathetic to customers when things go wrong and they're dependable honest and patient. Do you have the personality to be an apprentice, journeyman or a master electrician? Take this quiz and we'll let you know. Just make sure your answers are current. 

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