Quiz: Would You Be the Leader in a Wolf Pack?
Would You Be the Leader in a Wolf Pack?
By: Zoe Samuel
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Wolves have a complex society. Like early human tribes, they have their leaders who earn their positions through action and social dominance. Like modern people, they have complex family organizations and unspoken ranks within their packs. Wolves are not dogs though, and their society isn't anything like the relationship between humans and dogs. Much of what scientists believed about wolves was actually based on dog behavior, which has diverged from that of wolves for ten thousand years.

Wolf packs usually comprise of a family of wolves, with the mother and father as the pack leaders. The pack leaders don't make all the decisions in the pack, but they can issue orders and veto decisions made by other members of the pack. They are both political leaders and field marshals, ordering and leading hunts, and deciding how to share the spoils of those hunts.

Being a wolf pack leader requires dominance, but also kindness, so the younger wolves don't try to take over. It takes endurance, experience, wisdom, and the ability to get the pack to work as a team, even when they are starving and the weather is unforgiving. Do you have what it takes? Could you assume the role of the Alpha and make sure your family survives in the wilderness? Take this quiz!

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