Play a Game of "Would You Rather" and We'll Guess Your Zodiac Sign

Teresa McGlothlin

Would you rather visit a psychic or have your tarot cards read?

Would you rather go to the gym or do yoga?

Would you rather go camping or stay in a hotel?

Would you rather listen to your heart or your head?

Would you rather have sushi or pasta for dinner?

Would you rather go on a blind date or use a dating app?

Would you rather give up meat or bread?

Would you rather adopt a cat or a dog?

Would you rather paint your bedroom blue or red?

Would you rather drive a sports car or an SUV?

Would you rather watch a horror film or a documentary?

Would you rather have short hair or long hair?

Would you rather take a sick day for when you are sick or for a day of fun?

Would you rather be safe or be a free spirit?

Would you rather have a soda or a glass of lemonade?

Would you rather drink coffee or drink hot tea?

Would you rather kiss someone new or your best friend?

Would you rather go shopping or fishing?

Would you rather fly or drive on a long road trip?

How long was your longest romantic relationship?

Would you rather wear silver or gold jewelry?

Would you rather learn to paint or learn to juggle?

Would you rather keep a secret or spill the beans?

Would you rather sleep on the couch or the floor?

Would you rather visit Ireland or Japan?

Would you rather go dancing or go to a movie?

Would you rather go skiing or go swimming?

Would you rather have a dozen pets or three children?

Would you rather sleep with the fan on or the window open?

Would you rather swim with dolphins or go skydiving?

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About This Quiz

The only thing more fun than trying to guess your zodiac sign is using an age-old game to do it. Once you play our game of "Would You Rather," you will leave us with a lot of knowledge about yourself. From that information, we are sure we will be able to figure out which of the zodiac signs you use to check your horoscope.

Each of the 12 zodiac signs have a different set of known characteristics and traits. During your "Would You Rather" game, every answer you give us will help to define your own traits. Using your answers as a guide, we will match up your traits with the traits of each sign until we get a perfect match. 

You don't have to have every trait of a Pisces to actually be a Pisces. Instead of focusing on one single answer to figure out your sign, we will look at the things the total of your answers are telling us. No matter how many different signs you have things in common with, there will be one that stands out the most against your answers. 

What's your sign? Don't tell us! Play a game of "Would You Rather" with us instead!

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