Quiz: Would You Thrive in the Wild West?
Would You Thrive in the Wild West?
By: Mark Lichtenstein
Image: Shutterstock

About This Quiz

Do you think you have what it takes to live in the most hazardous part of America in its most dangerous historical period? Most people only know about the wild west from the movies. However, movies paint an incomplete picture of the old west. Civil War veterans from both sides, hucksters, con men, war profiteers, and earnest men and women out to make their fortunes all came west in search of a better life.

The wild west was itself an unforgiving environment. Fiery deserts, frozen mountain ranges, impassable canyons, and the vast Pacific Ocean were not easy places to live in the 1800s. Add to that spiders and snakes with venom that could kill in minutes, bears and mountain lions that could tear a man apart in seconds, and you have a setting designed to kill. Pour into this crucible men and women who were willing to bet all their life’s savings, years of toil, and their very lives on the slim chance of economic success and you have a place designed for conflict.

Towns like Tombstone had murder rates higher than any modern city. Silver and gold mines beckoned but lacked anything resembling safe working conditions. Desperate criminals lurked in every corner, ready to steal livestock, cash, coin, or even people. Only the most determined could succeed here, with luck, cunning, and a few bullets.

If you lived in this place, with your skills and attitudes, could you carve out a corner of the west for yourself? Could you outwit the medicine salesmen, the gambling cheats, and the landowners with their private armies? Would you dare trade with the tribes of the west, bitter from decades of government abuse? Would you so much as sign a contract in an era when the law only extended as far as the range of a rifle? Take this quiz and find out!

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