Write a Romance Novel and We'll Guess Which Astrological Sign Is Your Perfect Match!

Teresa M.

Where would your romance novel take place?

What name would you give to the lead female character?

Would any of your male characters have long, flowing hair like Fabio's?

Will there be a wedding in your romance novel?

Would there be a romantic triangle in your storyline?

Where would your main characters meet?

Finish this sentence: Sergio put his __________ on the table, and began softly kissing Lolita's neck.

In order to get time alone, where would your lovers go?

What era would your romance novel take place in?

Where would your two romantic interests make love for the first time?

What will be the biggest obstacle keeping your lovers apart?

Finish this sentence: Lolita looked into Sergio's eyes and said, "I have always _________ you."

What will your main character do for a living?

Will any of your characters get pregnant?

Will your characters experience love at first sight?

Do your love interests end up together?

Finish this sentence: As he walked away, Sergio said, "Lolita, I will never forget your _________."

Will your characters have passionate fights?

Finish this sentence: Sergio gently sat next to Lolita and said, "You are my _________ and _________."

What pet name would your characters have for each other?

What season would your novel take place in?

What gift might one character give another?

Would your characters keep their love a secret?

Would your characters be the same age?

Finish this sentence: Lolita grabbed Sergio's __________ and pulled him close.

How long would readers have to wait for the main love scene?

Finish this sentence: Sergio said, "I would never ________ someone like you, Lolita."

How hot would your sex scenes be?

How would you finish this sentence? Lolita clung to his chest and screamed, "Life is not _________ without you, Sergio!"

How would you finish this sentence? "As Sergio galloped away, he said, "Lolita, you can have my ____________."

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About This Quiz

Let your inner romance writer out during this quiz! The way you construct a steamy romance novel will tell us more about you than you probably want us to know. However, right now we are going to take a look at your perfect astrological match! You can't have fire without smoke, so we're here to help you find the celestial pattern that would make your real life a page-turning bestseller! 

As you funnel your storyline and you build your characters, you'll give away subtle clues about your personality, your lifestyle, and the kind of partner you need in the bedroom! Your choices as a romance author can be as delicate or as gritty as you want. All you have to do is choose the actions your characters would take in the scenarios we present! You are only limited by how bold you are willing to go, and we can't wait to see what you tell us about your idea of a perfect match using your imagination as a guide! 

Pour yourself a glass of rosé, and unleash your creative writer. The details of your novel are waiting to be told to the world! Just like your astrological match is waiting for you! 

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