Quiz: Before WWII: The General World Trivia Quiz
Before WWII: The General World Trivia Quiz
By: John Miller
Image: Mr. Beat

About This Quiz

World War II was the deadliest war in human history, a conflict that still tests our understanding of evil. But with the First World War still fresh in their minds, how did people ever let another world war happen? Dive into the political and cultural chaos of our quiz and see if you know why!

After the Treaty of Versailles finally ended the years-long meat grinder of WWI’s Western Front, Germany’s power was eroded and all of Europe was licking its wounds. Sadly, the treaty included so many punitive measures against Germany that its citizens were drawn to extremist political views. Do you know the name of the leader and the party that gained power in Germany?

As dark times descended on Germany, two nations on the other side of the world were already in the middle of a brutal conflict. Do you know how this fight affected the trouble brewing in Europe?

Meanwhile, Americans had their hands full, doing everything they could to find work and keep their families from starving. A new president and a fresh outlook improved matters a little, but then came the war. How did WWII affect the United States?

In our quiz, we’ll find out if you really know the inter-war years, a time of tumult and heartache and hope … hope that was bashed on the rocky reality of WWII. Take our World Before World War II quiz now!

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