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The truth is out there … if you've managed to keep up with the mytharc, that is! Take our quiz to see how much you remember about the mysterious mythology of "The X-Files."

What government group is tasked with studying the alien colonists?

The Syndicate is a government group responsible for investigating the aliens, aka colonists.


What year did the colonists first make contact with humans in "The X-Files" universe?

The first contact between the colonists and humans took place in 1947 with the infamous Roswell incident.


What language is Mulder forced to decipher for alien proof of life in season two?

After getting his hands on a piece of powerful alien evidence, Mulder learns that the tape is in the Navajo language, leaving him searching for a translator.


What do Syndicate members hand over to the colonists to spare their own lives?

Syndicate members hand over their own family members to the colonists in the hope that the colonists will allow the Syndicate members to survive after colonization.


What French ship is involved in the introduction of black oil in the series?

A trip aboard the Piper Maru during season three exposes humans to black oil for the first time.


True or false: Aliens never actually appear on screen throughout the series.

The first live alien appears on screen during season two of the series, offering solid proof to viewers that Mulder's theories just might be correct.


Who kidnaps Scully during season two?

Former FBI agent and escaped mental patient Duane Barry rants of alien experimentation as he kidnaps Scully during the show's second season.


Who is NOT one of the Lone Gunmen?

Richard Langly, Melvin Frohike and John Byers make up the Lone Gunmen, a group of conspiracy theorists who come to the aid of Mulder and Scully throughout the series.


What is the name of Mulder's younger sister?

The disappearance and presumed abduction of his sister Samantha drives Mulder's alien obsessions throughout the series.


What happens to characters who remove an alien implant?

All humans, including Scully, who remove an alien implant on the show later develop a deadly form of cancer.


Where's the best place to conduct an alien autopsy?

In season three, Mulder stumbles upon an alien autopsy being conducted in a train car on a secret railway.


The Syndicate considered using these creatures to spread disease among humans.

The Syndicate considered using bees to spread smallpox or the alien virus in an attempt to rule Earth.


In "The X-Files" mythology, who killed John F. Kennedy?

In the show's storyline, the Smoking Man killed Kennedy before pinning the blame on Lee Harvey Oswald ... and then smoking his first cigarette.


What do the members of MUFON have in common, other than alien abduction?

All the abducted members of MUFON are infertile, thanks to the work of the aliens, and most have undergone fertility treatment of some kind.


What is the name of Mulder's senator friend who often provides Mulder with inside information?

It pays to have friends in high places when investigating a government conspiracy. Mulder relies on tips from Senator Matheson to help direct his alien investigations during the series.


Where does Mulder find a UFO during season four?

During season four, Mulder dives into New York's Great Sacandaga Lake to locate a UFO, complete with its alien occupant.


Who was killed aboard flight 549?

According to "The X-Files" lore, Max was carrying proof of alien life, which forced the aliens to kill him.


True or false: Mulder killed the Cassandra family.

While Mulder wakes in a daze believing he killed Amy and David Cassandra, he is later cleared of the crime. Viewers are left wondering who committed the evil deed.


What Defense Department employee claims that all the alien talk is just a front to hide military activities?

In season four Mulder's beliefs are shaken by Michael Kritschgau, who claims that the alien theories are just a distraction from the real truth — military planning and testing.


Where does Mulder find what he believes is a cure for Scully's cancer?

After breaking into the Defense Department, Mulder finds a potential cure for Scully in the Pentagon.


True or false: Scully is Emily's biological mom.

Scully is shocked to learn that Emily is a product of her own alien abduction. Scully, not her sister Melissa, is Emily's mother.


What do the alien bounty hunters do to avoid the black oil?

To prevent infection by the black oil, the alien bounty hunters sew their facial openings shut for protection.


What is required to resist the colonists?

The Syndicate hopes to resist colonization by the aliens by developing a vaccine that is effective against the black oil.


What is Gibson Praise's special talent, other than chess?

Chess prodigy Gibson Praise, who happens to have alien DNA, is able to read minds.


What happens when black oil takes over humans?

After humans ingest or absorb black oil, they gestate an alien, sometimes within mere hours.


Who was the first alien-human hybrid?

After creating a human-alien hybrid with Cassandra Spender, the aliens know that the time is ripe for colonization.


True or false: Samantha Mulder was given to the aliens by her own father.

Like all Syndicate members, Bill Mulder was forced to give up a family member to the aliens. Ultimately, he chose to sacrifice Samantha.


What color is alien bounty hunter blood?

Alien bounty hunter blood is green and happens to be fatal to humans.


Which of the following is a Super Soldier?

Billy Miles is a Super Soldier, also known as a human replacement.


What year is colonization set to take place in the series?

Colonization is set for Dec. 22, 2012.


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