Quiz: The Ultimate X-Games Quiz
The Ultimate X-Games Quiz
By: Staff
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If you're between the ages of 18 and 35, you might be a fan of extreme sports. What is so fascinating about this area of sport and just what sports are considered extreme? Are extreme sport competitions as prestigious as the Olympic Games? Take this quiz and learn more about the X Games.

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ESPN _____ Ron Semiao first dreamed up an Olympics on speed.
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Semiao's idea of extreme sports included what sport?
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When was the first four-day Extreme Games festival held?
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How often were the original X Games intended to be held?
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What was the location of the Summer X Games until 2009?
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What is the reward for first, second and third places?
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In an effort to compete against the increasingly popular X Games, what did the Olympic Games add to its repertoire in 1998?
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Which red-headed athlete has won both skateboarding and snowboarding competitions?
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Fabiola Da Silva is the first woman to perform a backflip in competition. What is her country of origin?
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Not only did Andy Macdonald win 17 medals, but he is also the first person to have:
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