Quiz: X-ray Radiation Quiz
X-ray Radiation Quiz
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About This Quiz

X-rays have revolutionized medical treatments and saved many lives, but despite their success, they produce radiation that can give rise to health problems. Take this quiz to test your knowledge of X-rays and how they affect our bodies.

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What types of imaging techniques expose people to X-ray radiation?
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Medical X-rays and nuclear medicine -- when doctors use radioactive materials to help image patients' bodies -- account for what percentage of radiation exposure among Americans?
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Which material stops X-rays dead in their tracks, preventing unnecessary exposure to radiation?
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Which NASA tool focuses on measuring and collecting data about X-ray radiation in space?
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Which exposes you to more radiation: smoking a pack of cigarettes or receiving a basic chest X-ray?
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What are the initial symptoms of radiation sickness?
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What factors might your doctor consider when deciding whether to use X-rays on you?
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