This Yes or No Quiz Will Guess If You Prefer Burger King or McDonald's

By: Teresa McGlothlin

Would you ever dip your fries in mayonnaise?

Do you like mushrooms on your burger?

Do you ask for extra napkins at a fast food restaurant?

Would you take a date to Burger King or McDonald's?

Do you ever go through the drive thru at Wendy's?

Do you ever eat breakfast at a fast food joint?

Do you order water with your fast food meals?

Do you eat in more than you use the drive thru?

Do you eat pizza more than once a month?

Do you ever order salads from fast food places?

Do you place fast food orders using an app?

Do you sometimes pack your lunch for work?

Would you be able to eat more than 20 chicken nuggets in one sitting?

Would you order your fries without salt?

Would you head to a fast food restaurant for a coffee?

Would you look fashionable in a paper crown?

Are you a healthy eater?

Do you enjoy ordering hot fudge sundaes?

Does bacon belong on top of a burger?

Would you microwave leftover fast food?

Do you like honey mustard sauce more than barbecue sauce?

Would you request extra pickles on your burger?

Would you substitute onion rings for fries?

Are Wendy's Frosties better than milkshakes?

Do you always order dessert with a fast food meal?

Do you check your receipt when you order fast food?

Have you ever eaten at a Bojangles?

Are you a fan of Subway sandwiches?

Would you ever order sweet potato fries?

Do you ever have family dinner at fast food restaurants?

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About This Quiz

There are two types of people in this world. There are those who prefer McDonald's, and there are those who prefer Burger King. After you take this yes or no quiz, we'll be able to figure out whether you satisfy your cravings with the arches or with a crown! 

During this tasty quiz, we're going to ask you some very straightforward questions. While not all of them might be about fast food, our questions will make you hungry. To help us guess if you are Team McDonald's or Team Burger King, all you need to do is tell us yes or answer no. From the number of napkins you need to the time of day you head to the fast food line, every answer you give us will help us figure it out. 

We won't come out and ask you if you prefer the Big Mac or the Whopper. It is a lot more fun to get to know more about your general tastes in fast food before we take our guess. Simply by answering yes or no, we'll know if you are more of a fan of McDonald's or Burger King. Where does your loyalty lie? Answer yes or no, and we'll know! 

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