Yooz Guys Gotta Try This Mad Good New York Slang Quiz!


What do you call something that is appalling?

Dude, that's so whack! Or maybe it's just wack. This is what you say when something is really messed up.

What is it called to stare impolitely?

Yo, stop grilling at my whack T-shirt. I borrowed it from my friend Vinny,

What do you call something that is the truth?

Man, it's a fact. I'm telling ya. When something is true then it is a fact, plain and simple.

What do you call sneakers?

You do so much walking in New York that you frequently need to buy new kicks. There are some seriously fly kicks in New York.

What do you call jewelry?

Every girl deserves to have some expensive ice around her neck from her man. But even in the jewelry district, the ice is seriously expensive.

To "take it there" means what?

Yo, you seriously don't want to take it there with the tough guys on the streets of New York. You just don't want to take it there.

How do you say it is very cold?

Girl, it is seriously brick outside. You better put on your Louis Vuitton coat. You can also say that it's mad brick outside.

How do you say that you're upset?

You can be mad tight over something that happened at work. It's also possible to be tight over your commute home on the subway.

What is another word for desperate?

It's possible to be mad thirsty when your girl isn't picking up the phone. Also, when you're out of cash and can't pay your rent.

What does "Get the f*ck outta here!" mean?

"Get the f*ck outta here!" is a way of expressing enormous disbelief. If someone says that they have won the lottery, you can use this phrase.

What do you call a very close friend?

What's up, kid? "Kid" can be interchanged with "bro." It's even possible to call a close friend "dog."

What do you call an expensive car?

If you get a serious new whip, then be sure to drive around the city with the bass pumping through your speakers. Otherwise, there's no reason to own a car in the city.

Manhattan is referred to as what?

You simply call it the City. Basically, there are no other cities, except for one City. And you only have to call it the City.

What is a lot of cream cheese?

When you order a bagel with a schmear, then they know to add a lot of cream cheese to it. Do not order extra cream cheese on the side.

What is a pie?

Pie refers to pizza. If you're ordering a pizza, you say that you'd like a medium or large pie.

How do you say "very"?

You can buy some dumb fly kicks on the streets of New York. Dumb can be used in place of very at any time.

What's another name for New York?

New York is also known as Gotham. That's right, the reference is from Batman.

What's another word for friend?

Yo, son, those are some fly kicks. Son, you gotta try that mad good pie at the end of the block.

What do you call a really desperate person?

You're acting like a crazy thirst bucket over that girl you met on Tinder. Seriously, son, you gotta chill.

What do you call the shop on the corner where you get your coffee?

The bodega is the shop on the corner where you buy groceries, smokes and coffee. If it's a good bodega, then it sells beer.

What is the plural of you?

Are yooz coming with us to the Yankees game? You can also say ya'll in place of yooz.

What do you call an old, barely running, patched together car?

Kid, are you seriously driving that old hooptie around Brooklyn? You look like a serious spaz when you do that.

What's another word for good friend?

Yo, B, what time are we going out tonight? I can pick us up some beer at the bodega.

How do you say "seriously"?

B, that ice is so sick, I'm dead ass losing my mind right now. Where did you find the cash for that bling?

What's another word for money?

Yo kid, I'm in mad need of some guap right now. How else am I going to buy the kosher bagel with the shmear?

How do you say to punch?

Yo B, I was not going to take it there but that dude straight up snuffed me while I wasn't looking. I'm straight up angry right now. (Careful - snuff can also refer to something much more violent than a punch.)

How do you say you're holding a grudge?

Bro, you have some beef against me? Don't say that you want to take it there, because I can seriously take it there.

To pretend like you're better than you are is to _______.

Kid, are you fronting with those new kicks? I know you ain't got the guap to afford that sh#t.

Do you know what I mean?

I gotta get to that Yankees game, and I'm mad thirsty for tickets. Na'mean, kid?

How do you tell someone to calm down?

Chill out scrap. You're getting crazy over there. It ain't worth it to take it there.

How do you say to have sex?

Sometimes, you go out on a Saturday night just to schtupp someone. It happens. Tinder is good for schtupping.

What are the stairs in front of your apartment?

On summer days, it's nice to sit out on the stoop. There is no schtupping allowed on the stoop! But there is schlepping.

What is another word for sweating?

You can seriously schvitz on a hot day in New York. That's why it's important to have AC!

What's going on?

Yo B, what's good? This is another way of asking what is going on or how someone is.

How do you say something is amazing?

That party was straight up lit. It was the most amazing party I've ever been to.

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