Quiz: If You Can Ace This U.S. History Test, You May Be Smarter Than, Like, 90% Of Americans
If You Can Ace This U.S. History Test, You May Be Smarter Than, Like, 90% Of Americans
By: Isadora Teich
Image: W. O. Geller

About This Quiz

Think you've got a handle on U.S. History? America may be a young country compared to many others in the world, like China or Japan, but it has a history absolutely jam-packed with wars, rebellions, progress and drama. As a powerful player on the world stage since the very beginning, the United States of America has a history unlike any other. There is a lot about the past of the U.S. to discover even now. New discoveries are made all the time as more and more key players become revealed and recognized.   

However, outside the very basics, many Americans are largely unaware of the events and complexity of this history. In fact, at any given time, there is a chunk of Americans who don't even know who the current vice president is, let alone much about those of the past. In fact, even some of history's facts that are considered common knowledge, things that everyone knows, are actually not correct. They say that those who don't know their own history are doomed to repeat it, and if that's true, then we might just be in trouble.   

If you think you know more about U.S. history than the average American, then get historical with this quiz! 

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