Quiz: Can You Identify These Soul Food Dishes?
Can You Identify These Soul Food Dishes?
By: Kennita Leon
Image: Pixabay - Patrickblackjr

About This Quiz

Soul food is a type of American cuisine that originated in the south. This food has ties to the slave communities in the southeastern states of the country and got its name during the '60s when the likes of Malcolm X walked this earth. It was primarily eaten by the black community, but has since transcended race and is eaten throughout the nation. 

Not only are these foods extremely delicious, but they also make you feel good. And while most of them aren't the healthiest of options, they're still consumed very frequently. But are you a fan of soul food? Can you name some of the most famous dishes if we showed you some pictures?

We want to know how much you've been paying attention to this food movement. We know that you know the ever-popular fried chicken, mashed potatoes, gravy and biscuits. But could you tell us what hoecake, chitlins, hog jowls and jambalaya look like? Well, you'll get the chance to, in this quiz.

If you're enough of a foodie, you'll ace this test and prove that you really know your soul food like we think you do, let's get started!

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