Quiz: If You Can Name All of These Shapes, You'd Totally Pass a 9th-Grade Math Class
If You Can Name All of These Shapes, You'd Totally Pass a 9th-Grade Math Class
By: Kennita Leon
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About This Quiz

A shape is a form that outlines the boundaries of an object. For centuries now, humans have used shapes to for a multitude of reasons. The most commonly used ones are known as geons. 

Geons are 2D and 3D shapes that include cylinders, cones, rectangles and circles. They are made up of curves, angles, lines and sometimes, patterns and can be found all around you. You can find these shapes in nature on leaves, in architectural structures and on the human body. 

Now, a lot of these shapes, particularly the geometric ones, are used in mathematics and everyday life. When it comes to math, they are used in geometry, the branch of math that is concerned with points, surfaces and lines, or the study of space and shapes. 

Because shapes are the foundation of this particular branch of math, we want to test your knowledge of them today. We're going to give you every shape we know of, from the simple ones like the circle and the square, to the more complicated ones like the pentagram, annulus and ellipse. Your job is to correctly identify the shape in each picture. If you pass this test, you'll have no problem with 9th-grade math. So let's see if you're up to the challenge. 

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