Quiz: If You Can Pass This Quiz, You Can Fake Your Way Through West Point
If You Can Pass This Quiz, You Can Fake Your Way Through West Point
By: John Miller
Image: Wiki Commons by Sgt. Mikki Sprenkle

About This Quiz

America’s founding fathers knew that the country would require skilled leaders to guide the military through potential armed conflicts. So, early in United States history, a famous academy was formed to help train the minds and bodies of young military leaders. In our tough quiz, do you think you know enough about West Point to pass as an officer-in-training?

West Point isn’t just a school, it’s a leadership academy in which young men and women train to lead soldiers on the battlefield. That means they have to know how to run, fight, and, if necessary, kill their opponents in war. What do you know about the vital skills that West Point pupils learn during their time at the academy?

Located on the Hudson River, West Point has been central to American military culture for centuries. Young people who aspire to military careers all want to attend West Point, in large part because success there virtually guarantees a desirable position in the military. Many West Point graduates go on to climb the officer ranks — hundreds have become generals. What do you know about the leadership aspects of West Point training?

It’s not all push-ups and marching! In our West Point quiz, you’ll see if you can make it through the fitness and academics challenges of America’s best military academy!

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