Quiz: You Don't Have to Be a Geography Nerd to Pass This Quiz, But It'll Help
You Don't Have to Be a Geography Nerd to Pass This Quiz, But It'll Help
By: Zoe Samuel
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Let's be honest: geography is usually taught really badly in schools. We're fed it as if the story of our world is just a random grab-bag of facts, mostly unrelated to each other. There are all sorts of types of clouds and mountains and facts about volcanoes, and then there's something called demographics which is about people and ages and family types, meaning it's annoyingly tied up with history, the other horribly-taught member of the humanities. It's all terribly confusing and not very interesting.

Fortunately, geography is actually extremely interesting - it's just that most of us don't figure this out until after we get out of our formal educations. Geography is about how all the physical factors of the world shape the way that people are able to live in it. The history of how we are able to live in the world is one great big story with all sorts of fascinating elements that inform and shape one another, and that are inextricably linked. It's a story of how oceans prevented wars, changing climates brought down great civilizations, landscapes empowered prosperity, fueled invention, and enabled billions of people to be raised from poverty. How much do you know about this magical world of ours? Let's find out!

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