Quiz: If You Get 100% on This Bones and Muscles Quiz, You Can Fake Your Way as a Doctor
If You Get 100% on This Bones and Muscles Quiz, You Can Fake Your Way as a Doctor
By: Stella Alexander
Image: Video Medical

About This Quiz

The collar bone's connected to the knee bone? Does that sound right? If it does, you might want to sit out for this quiz, but if you're raising an eyebrow in confusion, you might have what it takes! The human body is a very complicated vessel, so much so that it takes a very intelligent person to pass human anatomy and an even smarter person to make it through four years of medical school. Today, we're skipping medical school, but if you can get 100% on this quiz, we might just have to start calling you Doc!

The human body is an extremely complex structure made up of flesh, organs and bones, Above these categories, you'll find an intricate group of systems that essentially control everything we do. Commonly referred to as the systems of the human body, these 11 systems control everything. While the circulatory system controls the heart and allows blood to circulate through the body, your respiratory system allows oxygen to flow through the body via the lungs and trachea. The digestive system controls the mouth and its passageway as it leads to the intestines, while the integumentary system is your hair, skin and nails. All of these systems are important and work together to keep you alive, but we're here to test your knowledge on your skeletal system and muscular system. These are two unique systems that essentially give your body the ability to move. Can your bones and muscles lead you to a perfect score with this quiz, or will they leave you frozen as you struggle with the answers? There's only one way to find out!

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