Quiz: If You Get 23/30 on This Aviation Quiz, You Could Fake it as a Pilot
If You Get 23/30 on This Aviation Quiz, You Could Fake it as a Pilot
By: John Miller
Image: Allied Joint Force Command Brunssum

About This Quiz

In “Top Gun,” our handsome pair of U.S Air Force pilots utter a timeless Hollywood line: “I feel the need … the need for speed!” And then Maverick and Goose turn on the afterburners and blaze into the heavens, hunting for glory (and Communists). Real-world fighter pilots must endure incredible mental and physical training before they get the privilege of sliding behind the control stick of a multimillion-dollar jet. In this high-speed quiz, do you think you have what it takes to become a U.S. fighter pilot?

Unlike the goons in “Top Gun,” Air Force pilots are some of the most intelligent men and women in the entire American military. Not only do they have an instinctive grasp of physics, they also have the exceptional hand-eye coordination that helps them hunt enemy bombers and fighters in all sorts of weather conditions around the globe. Do you really you have what it takes to survive in the cockpit of an F-22A or F-35A? How about the iconic F-15 Eagle?

Do you know a barrel roll from a low yo-yo? And do you tend to lead your targets properly, or do you overshoot them and then wind up in a suicidal position? Leap in into the cockpit of this fighter pilot quiz now!

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Fighter pilots are specially trained for what purpose?
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When two or more fighters engage in combat, it's called a ______.
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When you're about to attack, you should keep the sun in which direction from your plane?
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What should you do if your wingman tells you to "check your six"?
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The Immelmann turn helps fighter pilots gain altitude at the expense of ______.
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"Lose sight, lose fight" is a maxim of which aspect of this career?
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When fighter pilots come under attack, they are called what?
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Fighter pilots typically use the split-s for what purpose?
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BVR combat is the opposite of _____.
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What is a fighter pilot's best defense?
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How many chances do you get to pass the Air Force Officer Qualifying Test?
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How many kills does a U.S. fighter pilot need to become an "ace"?
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How should you approach enemy fighters?
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If a defending fighter runs out of airspeed, what can he do?
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You must be at least how tall in order to become a fighter pilot?
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A warplane's energy-to-weight ratio is called what?
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To prevent G-LOC (g-induced loss of consciousness), pilots should avoid high-g maneuvers that last longer than _____.
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What's the maximum age to begin fighter pilot training?
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Fighter pilots use AGSM to combat which problem?
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